Gingivitis and Stomatitis

Gingivitis and Stomatitis are parts of a large group of conditions of the mouth or oral cavity. These conditions are manifested by inflammation and ulcers of the gums and soft tissues and difficult to treat via conventional protocols. The true cause is not clear, however, there are bacteria associated. For gingivitis it has been established the cause to be dental calculus or tarter that develops between the teeth and gums where bacteria thrive. When the bacteria reaches the alveolar(the socket into which the teeth are embedded) the teeth become loose and no longer able to function and must be extracted. The down side to this problem is the infection can enter the circulatory system causing septicemia and possible death. This problem can also affect the soft tissues of the mouth, stomatitis.

The conventional treatment is the administration of antibiotics and steroids. The protocol will temporarily destroy bacteria only to have the scenario repeat itself. Though antibiotics kill bacteria, they also impair healing as does steroids. Prolong antibiotic treatment protocol will adversely impact the kidneys causing them to fail. Ideally, when treating these two conditions as an adjunct to the antibiotic/steroid therapy a healing agent should be included. Since cells and tissues die via oxidation, antioxidants must be included in the treatment protocol, thereby preventing pockets for bacteria to develop and thrive. In the early stages of these conditions, when the gums and soft tissues begin to swell with increased redness, begin the antioxidants, prevention “is the name of the game.”