Mega C Drops, Pediatric Formula (8fl.oz)


For the prevention of canine hip dysplasia in puppies, and to optimize immune function.  A “head start” for weak and fragile new born puppies and kittens.


Product Description

Birth to Weaning (Puppies and Kittens)

Mega C Drops is the original liquid vitamin C preparation for your newborn kitten or puppy to give him or a her a head start in life. After whelping or queening, the puppy or kitten has passive immunity from the mother’s milk (colostrum) which diminishes in nine to sixteen weeks of life, leaving the newborn susceptible to microorganisms.

Mega C Drops strengthen the newborn’s immune system through weaning. This prepares the puppy or kitten for good antibody production when the mother’s passive immunity ceases. Mega C Drops also enhance red blood cell production, serve as a natural detoxifier, help increase appetite and growth, and aid in good bone formation.

Mega C Drops will help your newborn protect itself from the ravages of infectious diseases such as bronchitis (kennel cough), and upper respiratory and blood diseases in cats. If you are the owner of a puppy or kitten — or a serious breeder or show person, Mega C Drops are a necessary part of your newborn’s nutritional program.

Additional Information

Weight 15.3 oz
Dimensions 6 x 4 x 4 in


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