Sodium: The Victim of an Erroneous Perception

Multiple times in a twenty four hour period the media is informing the public of the perils of sodium. This mineral is very important for life without it there can be convulsive seizures and possible death. Sodium is an electrolyte that is necessary for tissue balance. The initial research was exclusively done with sodium chloride, table salt, this is the culprit, for some unknown reason the researchers assumed, erroneously, the sodium ion was the source for causing High blood pressure, and hypertension; they failed to do comparison studies to determine if all sodium compounds had the same effects as sodium Chloride. On October 22, 1987 four physicians at the University of California School of Medicine at San Francisco published their results of their study of a comparison of table salt, sodium chloride to another sodium compound sodium citrate. The title”SALT-SENSITIVE ” ESSENTIAL Hypertension IN MEN, Is the Sodium Ion alone Important? These researchers say the findings indicate that salt, or sodium chloride and sodium cannot be used interchangeably.
Some veterinary practitioners have applied the sodium/salt concept to dogs and cats who do not consume salt as do humans and do not display human symptoms. A colleague who practices in New Mexico has had excellent results in treating rattlesnake bites in dogs with I.V. infusions of sodium ascorbate.

Sodium ascorbate a buffered form of the natural form of vitamin C has long been my choice for vitamin C. Ascorbic acid natural vitamin C is exactly what it implies an acid with a pH of 2.0 ,consuming mega amounts can cause acidosis leading to kidney failure and the destruction of red blood cells. by incorporating a mineral like sodium buffers the vitamin to a pH of 7.4 the same pH of the dog and cat.Though there are no nutritional requirements for vitamin C in dogs and cats, I have used it in my practice for more than thirty years with no adverse reactions. All sodium compounds are not the same.

I am placing my money on the researchers at the University of California not the fifteen seconds sound bites of the media.